What We Do

Maze can enable purposeful transformation of your hospitality business from the inside out.

We deliver specialised, high performance strategies and create impactful opportunities for your business or portfolio that enables you to achieve the best possible results.

All of our clients receive our absolute focus and steadfast commitment to impact with our cognisant personal touch.

Operator Search and Selection

Choosing the right operating partner is one of the most important decisions an owner will ever make.

By gaining a deep understanding of your business, Maze identifies opportunities for optimal performance, allowing us to best determine and manage the significant task of operator brand selection.

Activities include

  • Developing a request for proposal
  • Review of operator submissions
  • Proposal analysis and negotiations
  • Recommending an operator
  • Drafting and negotiating of Management Agreements and other operating agreements
Asset Management

Maze can catalyse transformational performance of all types of hospitality assets.

Our service methodologies and strategies will be crafted to the specific requirements of your business but are always underpinned by an acknowledgment and understanding of both the intrinsic relationship of all stakeholders and also their individual value.

Activities include

  • Competitive market assessment
  • Review of operating standards, guest experience and customer journey strategies
  • Optimising performance and return on investment
  • Rigorous analysis of commercial strategy
  • Assessment and monitoring of annual operating budgets
  • Performance reviews
  • Capital expenditure planning
  • Oversight of physical property activities
  • Optimisation of asset value
  • Leadership team selection
  • Colleague engagement and L&D strategies
  • Interim leadership roles
Brand Equity

Maze understands the importance of building robust and effective brand value that has the propensity to drive direct commercial results.

Maze has the ability to ensure that your brand is working as hard as it possibly can be for you through the development of masterfully crafted brand and marketing strategies that enhance brand performance and drive exceptional brand delivery. We are fully versed in the nuances and subtleties that drive premium performance, market share and brand value.

Activities include

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Developing and defining key brand attributes and anchors
  • Customer journey development and mapping
  • Guest loyalty and CRM strategy
  • Brand behaviours development
  • Revenue, distribution and pricing strategy
Transactional Support and Project Management

Maze can provide a wealth of support and insight driven expertise to ensure smooth and effective transactions that deliver superior returns across focused projects.

Whether for private equity, investment funds, institutional investors or owner support, Maze’s broad and specialised hospitality experience means that we are adept at responding to and enabling positive outcomes across multiple business requirements. We action short-term wins that enable long-term impacts.

Activities include

  • Reviewing information memorandum (or other sales/transactional documents)
  • Market and asset due diligence
  • Review of existing operations
  • Assessment and opportunity mapping for cohesive commercial strategy
  • Financial reviews
  • EBITDA assessment
  • Change management
  • Transformational analysis and recommendations
  • Gap analysis
  • End to end customer experience
  • Benchmarking, portfolio wide and market
Development and New Projects

Maze can provide precisely considered advice, guidance and documentation in relation to growth, development and expansion of your hospitality business.

Activities include

  • Formulation of development strategies
  • Target market assessments
  • Market analysis
  • Project evaluation 
  • Project due diligence
  • Negotiation of project documentation and operating agreements
  • Post investment analysis
Other Advisory Services

Maze understands and recognises that some activities require a highly specific skill set and we therefore work with trusted subject matter specialists in order to ensure the most precise solution that is tailored to your business need.

Activities include

  • Public Relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Social media strategy
  • Design and technical services
  • Legal and corporate governance
  • Manpower planning
  • IT infrastructure
  • Risk and health & safety assessments